Foot Pain

Foot pain can have many causes and it doesn’t help that most foot pain gets incorrectly labeled as plantar fasciitis. There are many structures in your foot and leg that can contribute to foot pain so it is crucial that you have your pain evaluated immediately before more severe pathology develops.  Don’t waste time on ineffective treatment methods such as stretching, rolling the bottom of their foot, icing, and taking anti-inflammatories because they will only delay the correct treatment. 

For a more detailed explanation on the 2 most common diagnoses in the foot please click the following link: Plantar Fasciitis? Probably Not. 

What to expect on your first appointment when you have foot pain:

  1. Data collection of your foot pain. This includes a history of your foot pain and review of imaging if you have had a x-ray, MRI, or CT performed (not necessary for the appointment).
  2. Examination of your foot, ankle, and lower leg. Depending on your case it may be necessary to examine your knee, hip, or low back. This examination involves measuring and evaluating how your joints move, determining if there is pathology present in your muscles or other soft tissue structures, and narrowing in on the source of your pain. 
  3. Your diagnosis is established based on all of the information and data collected during your appointment. The diagnosis will guide your next stage in care and determine the treatment that you need. 
  4. Dr. Phipps will explain everything in detail so you have a complete understanding of your foot pain.

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