Do you have pain?

Good news! You are in the right spot.

The first thing you need is a complete and accurate diagnosis. This is the hard part because it’s not easy to know where to turn for help. Dr. Phipps is an expert at diagnosing musculoskeletal pain (pain in your muscles, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments or nerves), making Muscle and Joint Chiropractic your first choice for conservative management of your pain.

A diagnosis can be established once all of the following is complete:

  1. Medical history
  2. Examination: The doctor needs to see how you move and how your tissue feels.
  3. Review of imaging/tests already performed (MRI, X-Rays, CT, EMG, etc.)
    • Imaging is not required for a diagnosis

All of this information has to be processed into an accurate and complete diagnosis that explains your symptoms. A complete explanation of your diagnosis will be given so you can fully understand your pain.

Your diagnosis will drive the treatment that you need.

A few problems patients may encounter while trying to resolve their pain:

  1. Doctors will place patients into a pain category and treat everyone with the same treatment protocol. If you have shoulder pain, then you will get XYZ treatment just like all of their other shoulder pain patients.
  2. Their diagnosis is incomplete and/or inaccurate and the treatment they receive will only cover up the pain. Heat, ice, pain medicine, stretching, tape, etc. are designed to cover up symptoms.  This can make your problem worse in the long run because it allows you to ignore the real problem, as it continues to get worse.
  3. Doctors will apply the treatment that they specialize in, regardless of your diagnosis.

Dr. Phipps started his practice so he could avoid the common pitfalls outlined above and provide patients with an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. If Dr. Phipps finds that your problem needs to be co-managed with another specialist (orthopedist, neurologist, etc.), then he will make the appropriate referral. Delaying the appropriate treatment (which often happens in healthcare) will only make your problem worse and can even lead to irreversible damage.

Dr. Phipps isn’t a traditional chiropractor and doesn’t do adjustments. He has his doctorate in Chiropractic but is a soft tissue specialist. He became a soft tissue specialist because the most common cause of pain and stiffness in the body is adhesion. This commonly goes undiagnosed and many people live with pain everyday because their doctor failed to diagnose it or make the appropriate referral. Adhesion will act like glue and prevent muscles from stretching and contracting properly, causing pain. If you’re experiencing pain, there is a high likelihood that it is being caused by adhesion. Dr. Phipps is certified in special techniques that break down adhesion to restore your strength and flexibility and to relieve your pain. The only way to confirm the diagnosis of adhesion is to be evaluated by a soft tissue specialist.

If you are reading this and have pain, call our office (716-629-3100) to schedule an initial exam. This will be the perfect place to start as Dr. Phipps has the skills and knowledge to diagnose your pain and conservatively treat it. This will take the guess work out of it for you, so you can start feeling better faster and avoid wasting time with ineffective treatments.

If you have any doubt whether you should make the initial appointment, then click the button below to send us an email with a brief description of your pain.

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