Rising health care costs have forced insurance companies to restrict services and limit coverage; therefore, patients will continue to have higher deductibles and copays, longer wait times, less time with the doctor, and can no longer expect all the services that they need to be covered. As this continues to get worse, more doctors are dropping insurance coverage because they can’t effectively do their job due to the restrictions. In order to provide you with level of care that you deserve we cannot participate with insurance companies. This puts healthcare back in the hands of the patients because they can choose from the best doctors that actually get results. Dr. Phipps puts extensive time and resources into continued hands-on training with the best in the world, so you can have faster more permanent pain relief. He is dedicated to giving you the most current and effective treatment available. The assessments and treatment techniques that he uses are designed to accurately diagnose and treat your pain and are not offered by providers that accept insurance. He knows exactly what you need and don’t need to get results. This will save you time, money, and set you on a path to a pain-free active life style.