Preparing for your initial visit

  • Before you arrive please print out and fill out the necessary paperwork. Download the forms by clicking the following link (New Patient Forms ).
  • Please bring gym shorts if you have a low back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot problem. If your pain is in the upper body (neck, shoulder, arm, hand) please bring a tank top.
  • If you have any imaging done in the past (MRI, x-ray, CT), then please bring the reports and the cd with the actual images on them.


Getting to our office can be tricky. Click the following link for a more detailed description (Directions). We are located at 390 S Youngs Rd in Williamsville, NY.  We are located between Wehrle Rd and Aero Dr very close to ECC north campus. Our office is located in the back of the Gelia building.  There is reserved parking for Muscle and Joint patients in the first row closest to the road.

For an office tour click the following link.  Phipps Soft Tissue office tour.

What to expect on your initial visit

  1. History: Discuss relevant details regarding your past and current condition.
  2. Exam: Tailored to your specific area of complaint and any other areas that could be contributing to your pain.
  3. Establish a diagnosis: The entire purpose of the history and exam is to arrive at a diagnosis. This will guide all future visits and determine whether your condition can be treated in our office.
  4. Report of finding: A full explanation of your condition and how it will be treated. A complete understanding of your condition is crucial to your future self.
  5. Questions: This is a chance for you to ask questions regarding your condition.
  6. Plan: Designed to restore your function and remove your pain.