Meet Dr James Phipps

Hello, I am Dr. Phipps. I have my doctorate in chiropractic and I am a soft tissue specialist. I graduated number 1 in my class from New York Chiropractic college with a GPA of 4.0. I am fully certified in the Integrative Diagnosis system; this means as a patient you will get a complete and accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment methods available.

Having pain is very unsettling because there are so many unanswered questions.

  • Who should I see?
  • Why does it hurt?
  • Will I make it worse?

I am here to answer all of these questions for you and get you back to a pain free life.

The first thing you will notice when coming into my office is that I will actually take the time to determine the source of your pain. Your medical history and physical exam is tailored to you so I can accurately arrive at your diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is established then the appropriate treatment methods can be applied to fix your problem and remove your pain.

A little bit about my personal life…

I married my wife Shaunna in 2015 and we have a black lab named Jackson. I have always been very active my whole life and enjoy almost every form of exercise. I also enjoy spending time with family, traveling and being outdoors.

To schedule a consultation with me, please call us at (716) 629-3100 or take advantage of our convenient online form